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See our portfolio of solutions and fall in love with the renewable energy

Is a system in which solar energy can be converted into electricity.
In SOLAR we support your economy, and for this reason, the diagnosis of energy that you consume in your home or business it’s for free.
Approximately 25 years of lifetime and not require maintenance. Be sure that your wallet will going to appreciate it.
Our interconnection with CFE does not affect in any way and the only difference you'll notice in your receipt will be that you can save up to 100% of your money.
Due to the materials with which the panels are made, its resistance is guaranteed.
It is not necessary to give them maintenance. There is one more reason why you save money.
Having one of our heaters, the immediate benefit is that you will save up to 70% of gas, either if installed in a bath tub or in a pool; the benefit is the same.
Solar water heaters can be employed in hospitals, homes, hotels, gyms, or anywhere you need warm water without the need for gas or electricity.
We have collectors of polypropylene Ecosun®, which are completely efficient against chlorine, UV rays and any type of chemical pool.
Due to our experience and the type of heaters that we use, the installation is easy and quick to perform. You save time but especially money.
The only thing required is a place free of shadow and the connecting pipes are assured of not being beaten.
Due to technology of our heaters, you can get hot water despite having a climate of this type.
The LEDS can last up to 50,000 hours spending only 6 to 8 watts, compared to the 1.200 of a common focus which consumes 60 watts. Energy saving is fully effective and will be reflected whit the time on your receipt.
Of course it is. It can be placed in the same installation. At the same time you'll be saving money, because the lifetime is much greater than any other type of luminaire.
It brings light but without heat, don't pollute, are friendly to the environment and its duration is greater than a traditional bulbs.
It is important to mention that spending less watts don’t means less lighting. The LED's can illuminate any area of a home, inside as well outside that’s the same, with best results in comparison to another type of lighting.
To this respect the benefits to a person is that they are not generating heat, or infrared rays or UV’s and whit the environment, the LED's are free of lead, mercury and cadmium.
Our products can give you up to 50 thousand hours of useful life.