Searching for a way of resisting the climatic change.

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For us

SOLARES is an enterprise that as you, is part of a group of people who are affected by the high costs of electricity and the inappropriate use of energy. trying to find a form to resist the climate change, we started more than 10 years ago, with the creation of energetic systems which are generated by the power of wind and sun; both absolutely efficient. offering you renewable energy to you to reduce costs, that is the main reason to go ahead.


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Over the years we have been a company of high quality and professionalism in the energy solutions. Working on government projects of great importance in all mexico, commercial and residential buildings. Satisfaying all regulations and requirements on this topic

  • Our goal...

    to offer you quality products. designed to our client’s needs and created with renewabla energy throug a system which is outlined to the care of ecology and the money of those who require our services. wer are a responsible company with real solutions.

  • Where do we go?

    We are focused to become a leader national enterprise in giving you energy solutions, supporting our clients en reducing costs and at the same time, offering a product which looks after the environment. this is what makes us to be compromissed every day.

Qualified to check up your energy status

SOLARES always thinking about the welfare of our people and your economy, we analyze your current situation on energy to provide you with a effective long-term solution.
We develop solutions based on the previous study and quantify the potential savings and the economic impact that might have in your application.
Trained staff will make the proposal for implementing the systems to improve your energy situation.
We maintain the margin of consumption monitoring lines of consumption and achievement of electrical energy.
beneficios paneles solares

Remember that we count with written guarantee

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